Fruit inflatables Festival -
 Willy Vancraen 
Our collaboration with Willy Vancraen has led to the creation of some unique and fantastic INFLATABLES. 

Climbing Tower Pineapple

The Pineapple climbing tower is designed with attention to detail and has a realistic appearance, complete with the green leaves and characteristic scales of a pineapple. The climbing tower offers children hours of fun play. Four players can climb the pineapple equally divided.

Slide Banana

This slide in the shape of a banana. This unique INFLATABLE is not only fun to look at, but also provides countless hours of fun for children of all ages.

Punch'm off Strawberry 

The strawberry-shaped INFLATABLE is designed with vibrant colors and realistic details, such as the green stem and characteristic seeds on the red exterior of the strawberry. This top attraction offers children the opportunity for four players to stand on the strawberry. They try to push off their opponents with the large strawberry as fast as possible! Fun guaranteed!



The inflatable watermelon rodeo is designed with vibrant colors and realistic details, such as the green stripes on the outside and the black seeds on the red flesh. One player takes a seat in the cutout of the watermelon.The other four players pull a rope and try to get the seated player off his pillow.

More fruit-shaped INFLATABLES: 

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