Here are some frequently asked questions when buying a INFLATABLE:

What is the average lifespan of a INFLATABLE?

The lifespan of a INFLATABLE varies, but high-quality models can last for years with regular use and proper maintenance. Our durable and quality INFLATABLEs are designed to last.

How do I set up and store the INFLATABLE?

Setting up our INFLATABLEs is easy and requires no special technical knowledge. Upon purchase, you will receive detailed instructions for setting up and storing. We also provide you with practical tips to make the process go smoothly.

Can I personalize the INFLATABLE with my company name or logo?

Yes, we offer the ability to personalize INFLATABLEs with your company name, logo or other design elements. Please contact us for more information on personalization options and associated costs.

Can I use the INFLATABLE both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, our INFLATABLEs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is important to take into account the space available, the surface and any site-specific guidelines.

Do you also offer accessories and maintenance instructions?

Yes, we offer a range of accessories, such as storage bags, repair kits and pickets, to complete your INFLATABLE. We also provide detailed maintenance instructions to ensure your INFLATABLE remains in optimal condition and lasts a long time.

What blower does a inflatable need?

Which blower for a inflatable? If it's about blowing up and keeping tension on a smaller inflatable or inflatable, we can also recommend our 1.1kW blower.

What does a blower do?

Blowers are used to inflate various types of large inflatable products such as inflatables.

How does a inflatable work

A inflatable is a very strong air cushion made of sturdy PVC, with a blower next to it that constantly blows outside air into the inflatable. This air first fills the inflatable and then creates sufficient and constant pressure so that the children can play and jump on it.

Where can you set up a inflatable?

We recommend placing it on grass. If you place the inflatable on the street, you should not only place the ground sheet but also think about a proper anchoring and you are obliged to place enough fall mats.

What are the advantages of buying a INFLATABLE instead of renting?

By buying a INFLATABLE, you enjoy long-term fun and save on long-term rental costs. You also have the flexibility to use the INFLATABLE whenever you want, without depending on availability or rental periods.

Can I easily transport the INFLATABLE?

Our INFLATABLEs are designed with portability in mind. They can be easily folded and transported in an included carrying bag. This makes it convenient to move the INFLATABLE to different locations.

Are your INFLATABLEs tested for safety and quality?

Yes, all of our INFLATABLEs are thoroughly tested for safety and quality. They meet applicable safety standards and are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-term use.

How to clean a inflatable?

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the life and safety of the inflatable. Spray the surface from 3 to 5 cm with HG mold cleaner. For heavily soiled surfaces, we recommend repeating the treatment after 10 minutes. Let the agent take effect for 30 minutes and clean with water and a sponge.

Do you also offer repair and maintenance services?

Yes, we offer repair and maintenance services for our INFLATABLEs. Our experienced technicians can repair any damage and provide periodic maintenance of the INFLATABLE. Please contact us for more information on these services.

How much electricity does a inflatable consume?

A inflatable has an energy consumption of 1500 watts per hour, which is about 30 cents per hour. When using multiple inflatables, it is important to spread the electricity consumption to avoid power outages. O

How long does inflating inflatable take?

How long does it take to inflate a bouncy cushion? Inflating a bouncy cushion varies from one bouncy cushion to another, which has to do with the size of the air cushion. Most models are inflated and ready between 10 - 20 minutes.

How to anchor a inflatable?

It is recommended to place the inflatable in the shade. The inflatable must always be anchored in/to the ground, this can be done with the provided stakes or weights and this according to our data. Permanent supervision is required.

How heavy is a inflatable?

How heavy is a inflatable? An average inflatable pillow weighs between 50 and 150 kg. The weight is indicated for all cushions on our site. An average cushion can be loaded and set up with 2 people.